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In mid-October, 2010, ‘Whitey’ was observed back at the high-rise building ledge where he had wintered since 2006. On December 24, Jason Tu hosted visitors to the building from which he had observed the peregrines for four winters, across the street from the birds’ ledge. The visitors were Kent Lin, Chairman of the Kaohsiung Wild Society, Lin Kun-hai, General Secretary, KWBS; Simon Liao, Chairman, International Taiwan Birding Association; Jo Ann MacKenzie, Executive Secretary, Taiwan International Birding Association (Canada); Linda Murray and Gordon Barrett, Canada. Everyone was interested in seeing the now-famous ledge where the pair of Peregrine Falcons, rare in Taiwan, had chosen as a place to eat pigeons and other prey items for four winters. Three days later, December 27, ‘Blackie’ returned for the winter. During following weeks, the two falcons resumed their customary feeding activities on the ledge.

The last observation dates for the winter were January 27 for ‘Whitey’, and February 10 for ‘Blackie’. A new building under construction was rising near their favourite ledge; the disturbance may have caused the birds to abandon their feeding place. Perhaps they will return next fall. We will have to wait and see.